Florida Mediation Services

As a mediator, Frank M. Bedell is committed to helping parties find a negotiated settlement of their differences.

Mediation is a voluntary, cooperative process, unburdened by courtroom procedures. In mediation, a neutral qualified person serves as a mediator and works to empower the parties involved in a dispute to reach a resolution on their own, while retaining control of critical decisions that affect their interests.

In his role as mediator, Frank Bedell works with opposing counsel and disputing parties to develop and reach an amicable and positive solution. His experience facilitates a cooperative problem-solving climate to everyone’s benefit.

Mediation – A Proven Alternative to Litigation

Orlando attorney Frank Bedell understands the value of mediation and its ability to reach resolutions more quickly and less expensively than litigation, while giving parties more control over the outcome of their case. With more than a quarter-century of legal experience, he is able to get to the heart of a dispute and assist the disputing parties toward a resolution.

Your choice of a mediator is one of the most important factors in the success of this method of alternative dispute resolution.

Frank Bedell is certified in dispute resolution and mediation by the Florida Supreme Court and has received training at the Mediation Workshop, presented by the Harvard Negotiation Institute. He is known for integrity, impartiality and skill as a communicator. He has an extensive background in civil litigation and commercial disputes, and is ideally suited for mediating cases involving complex business and other civil matters.

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The mediation process is ideal for businesses and entities who prefer to shape their own remedies to problems and preserve as much autonomy as possible.

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