Florida Lawyer Frank M. Bedell
Representative Cases Handled

As a Florida lawyer, Frank Bedell has had experience in a variety of civil litigation disputes.  After representing individuals and companies for 25 years, Bedell uses this experience to work as an Orlando mediation attorney.

Selected Cases Handled by Florida Lawyer Frank M. Bedell

The following are some of the cases handled by Frank Bedell:

Represented individual defendant in Lockheed Martin v. L-3 Communications, Inc., Case No: 6:05-cv-1580-Orl-31KRS. Involved allegations of trade secrets theft and computer fraud. At stake was the renewal of a public defense contract worth $1 billion.

Represented defendant in Longview Outdoor Advertising, Inc. v. City of Winter Garden, Case No: 6:04-cv-465-Orl-18JGG. Plaintiffs claimed the city violated their First Amendment rights in regard to applications for billboards.

Represented plaintiff at trial and on appeal in Red’s Market v. Cape Canaveral Cruise Line, Inc., Case No: 6:00 CV-1408-Orl-28C. The case involved claims for application of Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act for cruise-lines.

Represented Florida lawyer defendant in a professional negligence claim arising out of the settlement of a wrongful death and medical malpractice action.

Represented plaintiffs in Timmons v. Ingrahm, Case No: 06-32164-CICI and on appeal in Timmons v. Ingrahm, 36 So. 3d 861 (5th DCA 2010).  Plaintiff claimed the defendant breached their fiduciary duty as co-trustees of a testamentary trust.

Represented plaintiffs in ICUBA v. Hewitt Associates, Inc., Case No: 04-CA-10385-32. The case involved claims for actuarial negligence arising out of design of plan for healthcare insurance.

Represented defendants in Henry Lee Co. v. Brennan, Case No: 03-CA-3229. Plaintiff claimed the defendant breached a non-competition agreement. The case involved contracts worth more than $4 million annually.

Represented plaintiff in Middleton Pest Control, Inc. v. Green Frog Services, Inc. Case No: 16-2003-CA-001392. The case involved claims for trademark infringement and unfair trade practices.

Represented plaintiff in UCF Board of Trustees v. T.L. Alexander & Associates, Inc., Case No: 48-2003-CA-4956-O. This case involved claims for breach of contract, negligence, and valuation of rare marine biology research materials.

 Represented defendant and was defendant’s personal representative at trial in In re: Estate of Frank Jackson Sharp, Jr., Case No: PR 95-505. The case involved claims of undue influence and lack of testamentary capacity.

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