Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Alternative dispute resolution services from Florida lawyer Frank Bedell provide negotiated solutions that offer more flexibility, confidentiality, and control than litigation.

Focusing on mediation, arbitration and settlement counsel, Frank Bedell puts a quarter-century of legal experience towards helping disputing parties reach a resolution. Frank Bedell is known throughout the Florida legal community for his integrity, impartiality, and problem-solving skills.

Frank M. Bedell’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Based in Orlando, Florida lawyer Frank Bedell is available for mediation, arbitration and settlement counsel of commercial and civil disputes.

Mediation — Mediation is a process in which a neutral party assists two or more parties who are engaged in a dispute reach a negotiated settlement of their differences.

A skilled and experienced mediation attorney, Frank Bedell has helped resolve disputes between even the most inflexible and resolute adversaries.

Arbitration — Arbitration is a private adversarial process in which one or more arbitrators typically rendered a decision on the merits of a dispute or claim. Both parties have legal representation present, and the process is similar to a trial—though much more expedient and less formal.

Selecting the right arbitrator is critical to an effective and meaningful process. Frank Bedell possesses the advanced training, experience and knowledge necessary for equitable and appropriate arbitration awards.

Settlement Counsel — As settlement counsel, Frank Bedell is retained for the express purpose of reaching the best possible settlement for his client, as quickly as possible. His role as a settlement counsel is to work alongside yet separate from the litigators preparing the case for trial, in order to find satisfactory resolution to the dispute.

This approach focuses on reaching a workable, beneficial solution outside of the courtroom, saving considerable time and money, while allowing both settlement counsel and the trial team pursue their goals without obstruction.

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