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Pre-Mediation Submission Guidelines

In Florida mediations, parties typically submit pertinent information to the mediator prior to the scheduled date for the mediation. Below are the suggested guidelines for submitting mediation information to Frank Bedell.

Please only submit this information if you already have scheduled a mediation with Frank Bedell. If you are inquiring about his mediation services and want to discuss the case with him, please contact Frank Bedell directly by calling (407) 286-6886 or through the Contact Us page on this website.

Pre-mediation Submission Suggested Guidelines for Florida Mediations

What to Include:

The following information is particularly helpful when submitted prior to mediation:

  • Facts of the case
  • Description of legal issues involved
  • Status of any legal proceedings in the case
  • Background on the parties involved
  • A statement as to whether the submission should be shared with the other side or is to be kept confidential by the mediator, and
  • Status of negotiations

When to Submit Pre-Mediation Information:

Pre-mediation submissions from counsel for the disputing parties should be submitted no later than two days before the mediation date as listed in the contract for mediation.

How to Submit Pre-Mediation Information:

Please make sure that all pre-mediation submissions clearly indicate the case they are being submitted for and the party and counsel submitting them.

Submissions can be made using the following means:

Standard Mail, Express Mail & Courier:

Frank M. Bedell, Mediator
301 E. Pine St. Suite 790
Orlando, FLĀ  32801

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not require a signature upon delivery. Confirmation that we have received your submission will be communicated via phone or e-mail.

Facsimile: (407) 286-6247

E-mail: Please call (407) 286-6886 to obtain an e-mail address for electronic submission of pre-mediation submissions.

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