Mediator, Settlement Counsel,
and Arbitrator Frank Bedell.

Experience and Integrity You Can Trust

Attorney Frank Bedell provides experienced mediation, arbitration and settlement counsel services for commercial clients in Orlando and throughout the State of Florida. A commercial trial lawyer also trained in alternative dispute resolution, Frank Bedell has a quarter-century of experience helping clients find the best way to resolve legal conflicts.

Frank Bedell offers alternative dispute resolution services to businesses and corporations facing legal disputes, who wish to avoid costly courtroom battles through more productive and problem-solving venues.

Based in Orlando, Florida, Frank Bedell puts his experience to work mediating cases and conflicts throughout the state. He is available to serve the dispute resolution needs of Florida’s legal community and their clients.

Benefits of Mediation, Arbitration, and Settlement Counsel

Commercial and other civil disputes are complex. Mediation, arbitration and settlement counsel offer valuable alternatives to the costs and uncertainty of lengthy, expensive litigation.

Sometimes, the best alternative to a trial is a mediation, in which the disputing parties hire a neutral third party to assist them in negotiating a resolution of their issues. Frank Bedell’s mediation services can be retained for a variety of disputes. Whether parties engage in mediation by agreement or by court order, Frank Bedell is committed to helping them optimize case outcomes and arrive at a resolution to their dispute.

Other times, when a case needs to be tried but the parties want to avoid the courtroom, arbitration may be the best option. In arbitration, all parties agree to dispute resolution by an arbitrator or arbitration panel. Frank Bedell is a respected Florida arbitrator known for being fair minded and impartial, and knowledgeable in diverse subject matters of dispute.

In many cases, settlement counsel can achieve the most favorable results for clients. As settlement counsel, Frank Bedell is retained to cut to the chase early in the process—before fortunes are spent—to thoroughly explore the interests of all parties and determine if an effective resolution to the dispute can be reached without the need for trial.

Choosing a Mediator or Arbitrator for Commercial Dispute Resolution

To ensure an efficient and effective resolution in these matters, you need a mediation and arbitration lawyer with in-depth understanding of the issues and the skills to settle cases.

Since 1987, Florida attorney Frank Bedell has experience in a variety of cases, including:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Real estate disputes
  • Theft of trade secrets and non-compete claims
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Probate and trust disputes

Frank M. Bedell is certified as a Circuit Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court and received training at the Mediation Workshop at the Harvard Negotiation Institute.  He has a demonstrated ability for hard work, solving problems, and bringing opposing parties together.

Leadership and Integrity

Frank Bedell has served Florida’s legal profession in positions of leadership, including Past-President of the Orange County Bar Association and various positions within The Florida Bar. He is known for being a leader, good communicator, and for his integrity.

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Consult with Florida Mediator and Arbitrator Frank Bedell

Frank Bedell has the experience and knowledge to help determine which process is most suitable for each case.

Reach Frank Bedell directly by calling (407) 286-6886, or email Frank to discuss your situation and options for mediation, arbitration or settlement counsel.

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